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Razz Problems - Fifth Street

Example 11

How would you play Omaha poker your hand?

Check and fold if he bets. You are more of an underdog. The exception would be if there is more money in the pot and if you know your rival will bet even if he has paired his trey.

Example 12

How would you play this hand if there has been no double raise to this spot?

Check. If the K-5-3 bets and the Q-5-2 calls or raises you should fold. You are more of an underdog against two smooth draws. You can call if the king bets and the queen folds. If the king checks and the queen bets, you may get trapped by the king, but you still are forced to call since the K-5-3 may have paired fives.

Example 13

You have bet on fourth poker street and he called. What would you do now?

Check. It is not worth semi-bluffing in this case as the five didn't pair him. If he bets, you should fold. However, if he caught a fifth street card that had a reasonable chance of pairing him, you should bet as he will fold a four-card nine and you are getting 3-to-1 on your bluff. Plus you shall win even if he calls.

Example 14

What would you do if he bets?

Raise. You are either a monster favorite or a small underdog. The time you should call is if you are sure he hasn't paired or to mix up your play.

Example 15

What would you do if he bets?

Fold. You can be a favorite on the next card, but it still isn't worth it if the pot isn't large. This is same as Example 17.


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