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Razz Problems - Fourth Street

Example 6

What would you do after your rival bets if there has been no double raise on third poker street ?

Fold! A four-card nine-seven is about the break even point in this case.

Example 7

Will you bet under such kind of situations?

Definitely bet unless you are playing total maniac in poker . (Even then it would be close.) The reason for this is that you want to be able to win the pot on fifth street if you catch a good card. Your fourth street bet might allow this to happen.

Example 8

What would do you do after the 4-3 bets assuming there has been a double raise on third street ?

Raise! This play is rather automatic. You must get the jack out or make him pay. If you simply call then he will be correct to overcall. You cannot allow this even if your poker games hand figures to be little worse than the bettor's hand.

Example 9

What would you do after your tough rival has checked?

Just check it right back. It is true as stated earlier in the text that a pair is favored over a king because it will be betting last the rest of the play. However, it is assumed that your three-card hands are approximately equal. His three-card hand is possibly better than yours. You should bet, if you think he may not have started with a hand.

Example 10

How would you do play this hand against a poker players who you know will bet if you check?

Check and call when he bets. This is better than checking and raising. Your little bit gain by raising is not as much as you gain by deceiving him. By playing your hand this way you may very well get him to call "drawing dead" if you make your hand on fifth or sixth street. You cannot make this play all the time or they will become aware of it.

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