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Razz Problems - Sixth Street

Example 16

What would you do after the queen checks?

Just check. This is another example of the situation mentioned. The queen has a ten low made or he couldn't have called you on fourth poker street . However, he could have two sixes or possibly three nines. Your check has confirmed his suspicions. Down the river the queen will certainly check if he doesn't help and bet if he does as he thinks you are drawing to a nine. Hence if he bets on seventh street, you raise if you help and fold if you don't.

If he checks on seventh street, you bet. He fairly has to call with a 10 (but possibly would not call if you bet your hand on sixth street ). Playing your poker hand in this manner figures to save you money if he helps and you don't, yet not cost you any bets should the other possibilities occur. Remember this play is only against average to good rivals. It may backfire against suckers or against poker expert play players who are conscious of this play (and may, suppose bet a ten on the end knowing that you'll fold a nine.)

Example 17

What would you do when he bets?

Fold. This is a very common mistake seen these days. Even though you know you are drawing to beat his present hand, it isn't worth calling unless there is more amount of money in the pot or unless he is all in (or unless you know he won't bet on the end unless he makes a ten low forcing you to fold a jack when you make it). A poker draw to a ten against a jack-nine made is a borderline.

Example 18

What would you do after he checks?

Check it right back. This is because he might be drawing dead. If he is drawing dead, he will definitely fold when you bet but you may win an extra bet on the end if you check on sixth street . If he is not drawing dead, your check has only cost you a fraction of a bet (mathematically).

Had you paired eights, you now should generally bet to make him fold if he did pair treys. It is "generally" in these situations because you don't want an expert player to pick up on these plays.

Example 19

What would you do if you bet and he raises?

Fold. He wouldn't raise you with a seven-six and he can't have a smooth seven or straight six. You have to catch an ace to win and you are not getting good enough poker odds.

Example 20

Will you call if he bet?

Yes. This is an exception to the poker rule that you fold if you might be drawing dead. You have a few cards that will beat his eight or seven-six low and you will surely get a call if you make your hand.

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