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Razz Problems - Third Street

The following problems assume a small ante stealing with an average to good rivals. Remember that none of the hand can be played the same way every time especially against tough rivals.

Example 1

What will you do after the kings bring it in?

Fold! You are under the gun and too many of your cards are out. It is not profitable to try to steal he ante or limp in expecting to see fourth street cheaply. (Only with a three-card bike or six-four might you want to take the card out when many of your cards games are out if you are in the early position.)

Example 2

What would you do if everyone else has folded after the 10 brings it in?

Raise! You have an automatic raise in this situation as long as the high poker card is a 10 or higher.

Example 3

What would do after one of the aces raises the king and the 5 and 3 both call?

Re-raise! You have a monster hand with the cards that are out. You will be taking two cards. Try to get more easy gaming money in there.

Example 4

What would you do if the king brings it in and the 3, 4 and queen fold?

Raise! Your combined chances of stealing the ante and winning even if you are called make this play correct. Calling would be incorrect. Folding is not bad if the ante is small.

Example 5

What would you do if the 5 raise the king's bring-in after everyone else so far has folded?

Re-raise! This is the typical defense to the semi-bluff. You must re-raise with any decent hand if you are the last low card and the next to last low card has raised after everyone else has folded. The exception would be when you know the player never bluffs.

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